We have a six-stage process to creating your holistic Financial Plan. Scroll down to learn more about each part of the process.

Stage 1 - Gathering Client Information

A thorough understanding of an individual’s personal and financial circumstances is key to a robust cashflow plan.  During this stage, we will work with you to collate the information we need about your circumstances, which we will then use as the foundation of your cashflow plan.

Stage 2 - Establish Your Goals & Objectives

A cashflow plan is built around client goals and objectives, now and in the future.  Therefore, we will take the time to understand what you would like to achieve, discover what is financially important to you and hopefully unearth any dreams or aspirations that might have an impact on your finances.  

Stage 3 - Analysing Your Financial Situation

This stage involves reviewing the information gathered in stages 1 and 2, so that we can start to prepare your plan using our cashflow planning software.  

During this stage we may need to clarify aspects of your circumstances or contact the providers of your existing financial products for additional information.

Stage 4 - Developing and Presenting The Plan

A meeting (online or face to face) will usually be held at this stage to present your cashflow plan.  Our cashflow planning software is visual, interactive and we encourage client participation in this stage of the process.  Following the meeting, all clients will receive a copy of their cashflow plan report.

Stage 5 - Implement The Plan

There are likely to be several actions to implement as part of the agreed the cashflow plan.  We will work with our clients as necessary to put the planning into action.

Stage 6 - Monitoring & Reviewing The Plan

A cashflow plan needs to be reviewed and should not be static.  Financial information and assumptions are likely to change, and there may be new goals and objectives to explore.  For most clients, cashflow plans are reviewed annually or earlier if something major happens in terms of personal or financial circumstances.


The Financial Conduct Authority do not regulate cash flow planning.

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